Offering the world’s finest sound systems “ Steinway Lyngdorf” . We provides installation services for the best in class home theater and A/V services include. Consult the room planning and designing and decorate to match our speakers into your Home Décor. If you’re looking for professional installation of your home theater or surround in Dolby atmos ,Auro-3D or DTSX systems - Contact us now.


Luxury Music System

Model D Timeless. Peerless. Flawless. The Model D by Steinway Lyngdorf offers one of the most exquisite audio experiences in the world. This flagship masterpiece is designed for the most discriminating audio aficionado. Combining state-of-the-art innovations in sound reproduction with finely-crafted aesthetics, the Model D is the first—and best—system of its kind.


Luxury Home Theatre

Model LS Concert It’s a marriage made in heaven. The Model LS Concert, and its smaller brother the Model LS Studio, blend the dipole design from the flagship Model D with the line source approach from the in-wall Model LS speakers. And it’s a powerful partnership. These open baffle speakers are for rooms where a sound system must sound—and look—impressive.



Find your way : Music in Life

World’s finest audio & Home theater system make us dream come true.

Music is a part of our lives. It’s everywhere and we love it. Music is an amazing things to help us express emotion or interpret what your feeling at that moment. No matter what  kind of music you listen to, Voice singing , Instrumental music, Pop or classic etc -we all are Music Lovers.

Steinway Lyngdorf make us DREAM-COMES-TRUE  , the experience we never had from any brand before. We feel the real sound from Stereo system , touch the real extreme sound performance  from Home Theater System.